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Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging


St. James Marine Co. & Fogg Towing

St. James Marine Co. provides mechanical dredging to maintain waterways, harbors, marinas in Lake Michigan, Huron, and throughout the Great Lakes.

We are experienced in hydraulic and mechanical dredging and land services including reclaiming land, beach restoration, deepening private marinas and public municipal docks, and preserving environmentally sensitive areas.


Obtaining permits, DEQ requirements, and endless paperwork can seem like a daunting task for any marina or harbor looking for shallow-water relief.
St. James Marine Co. & Fogg Towing & Marine can handle these tasks so you can concentrate on bringing in boaters and maintaining safe navigable harbors and channels.  St. James Marine Co. will:

  • Help complete the paperwork.

  • Coordinate the removal of dredge-spoil material.

  • Consult on engineering questions or concerns.

Our expertise is not only in the handling of the dredged materials, but of the safe disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous material.

St. James Marine Co. & Fogg Towing | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging

Beach Replenishment and Preservation

For some communities, the recreational space of their beaches is important to the town's character and local economy. Winter storm erosion and ice can take these beaches to a point where restoring the beach is necessary for its recovery and protection of wildlife habitat and beachfront homes.

Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging

Lake and Pond Dredging

In both natural and man-made lakes, erosion and evaporation can cause both depth and water quality issues. These obstacles can affect recreational activities as well as aquatic life. St. James Marine & Fogg Towing uses our equipment and careful planning to restore both fish habitat and water depths for recreation.

Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging

Marina Dredging

Maintaining the depth of a marina or harbor, whether private or public, is vital to the safety and protection of both commercial and pleasure vessels from damage. Harbor and marina restoration assures boaters that they can navigate freely without fear of damaging their boats.  Preserving marinas and harbors is critical for the local economy of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes and to the ecosystem.

Our Equipment Includes

Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
Fogg Marine Enterprises | Dredging
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