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Great Lakes Salvage Work

St. James Marine Co. has the capability of Great Lakes salvage work in the event of a disaster. Our vessels are equipped with modern electronics to assist in the recovery and search of a vessel. St. James Marine Co. has an excellent safety record.

Salvage Diving Services

St. James Marine Co. can also provide diving services. Whether your need for salvage diving is for the recovery of a ship, cargo, aircraft, vehicles, or heavy equipment that has sunk in Lake Michigan or beyond, St. James Marine Co. can assist.  St. James Marine can coordinate repair work and arrange underwater diving services on an abandoned or distressed vessel needed before towing or to regain propulsion under its own power.

Our experienced dive team is fully certified and trained to meet or exceed all regulations and commercial diving procedures. We have at our disposal a huge network of marine salvage equipment, highly trained personnel and resources to respond to your needs quickly. We have an experienced dive crew to examine a broken down vessel or to perform underwater inspections, underwater welding and repair.  Our extensive network provides confidence and reliability to ship owners, insurance companies and government entities in difficult ship-handling events.