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Great Lakes Waterway News:

With the record low water levels of Lake Michigan, St. James Marine Co. is ready to help with mechanical dredging to maintain waterways, harbors, marinas and specialized areas.

As reported by the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said in January "the lake plunged below its previous record low level, set in March 1964.The water is now more than 6 feet below the record high, set in October 1986." Harbors and marinas are struggling because of low Great Lakes water levels. USA Today reports "Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, which set record lows in January ... are expected to stay 2 feet below long-term averages at least through August." Keith Kompoltowicz, chief of watershed hydrology for the Army Corps of Engineers' Detroit district, said "The mean water level in January was 576.02 feet above sea level ... breaking the previous record of 576.05 in March 1964. The corps started keeping records in 1918." As here in northern Lake Michigan, USA Today reported "Declining lake levels are causing problems across the region, says Chuck May of the Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition which represents small harbors authorized and maintained by the federal government. Michigan has 56 of the 112 Great Lakes small harbors."

The State of Michigan has proposed temporary emergency dredging permitting changes that would expedite dredging permits and lower dredging permit fees for applicants in many cases. The recommendations would expand expedited permitting categories for dredging and make DEQ procedural changes to facilitate the amount of dredging necessary to maintain navigable channels and deepen slips and dock access for the boating season.

Local government, public and private marinas, state contractors and both commercial and private residences are aware of the critical problem with record low water levels.  Lake Michigan, Huron, Superior and Erie are all needy candidates for dredging assistance. St. James Marine Co. is ready to handle your Great Lakes dredging requirements and emergencies.


St. James Marine co.

Serving Beaver Island and the Great Lakes for your hauling and freight needs. Delivery to your location available.

St. James Marine Co. hauls:

  • general freight
    and cargo
  • heavy equipment
  • stone products
  • cement products
  • automobiles
  • boats
  • livestock
  • storage containers
  • building materials
  • garbage dumpsters
  • topsoil
  • modular houses
  • trailers
  • semi-trailers
  • junk cars
  • and much more!

Our tugs are excellent not only for long distance hauling but also for easier navigation in tight channels, intricate harbors, and spaces where large tugs cannot maneuver. We are able to reach shallow harbors and sounds with our powerful yet agile fleet.

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We have the capability of long range towing throughout the Great Lakes. There is nothing too big or too small for us to haul!

You call, WE HAUL!

In addition to towing, St. James Marine Co. also executes on-water fireworks shows; barge hauling; services for logging; commercial assistance towing; salvage, search, and diving; working boat repair; dust control; dredging; marina improvement and dock repair.

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